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Pain Relief Mattress ThevoRelief Pain Relief Mattress ThevoRelief Rest Bed
Pain Relief || Lasting pain relief during the night || Thomashilfen-Shop.com
From $1,795.00 *
Wheelchair Users Mattress ThevoFlex Wheelchair User Mattress ThevoFlex
Wheelchair User | A therapy system which relieves pressure, reduces muscle spasms and eases transfers | thomashilfen-shop.com
From $1,795.00 *
Alzheimer's Disease Mattress ThevoVital Alzheimer's Disease Mattress ThevoVital
With the Alzheimer's Disease Mattress with patented MiS Micro-Stimulation-Technology you can help yourself and your dementia patient to get restorative sleep and calm days | Thomashilfen-shop.com
From $1,795.00 *
Pressure Injury Mattress ThevoautoActiv Pressure Injury Mattress ThevoautoActiv
Pressure Injury | Besides careful positioning of the patient the Pressure Injury Mattress with MiS Micro-Stimulation® is the professional way to prevent bedsores | Thomashilfen-shop.com
From $1,795.00 *
ThevoSleepingStar Children’s Sensory Support Mattress...
The Children's Sensory Support Mattress “ThevoSleepingStar compensates childlike sleeping disorders | Thomashilfen
From $1,595.00 *
Parkinson's Disease Mattress ThevoCalm Parkinson's Disease Mattress ThevoCalm
Parkinson's Care || Spending the day in a relaxed and structured way || Thomashilfen-Shop.com
From $1,795.00 *